Monday, March 22, 2010

Bridal Invitations and Spring Love.

Even though it's March, June brides are flitting about with last minute and not so last minute details for their Big Day. For some June brides, the search for the perfect wedding invitation has begun today.

Usually 3 1/2 months before the wedding day, the invitation order is placed with the stationer. The correct wedding information, names, date, place, fonts and invitation layout are ready to go. The invites will then be printed and ready for postal mail by 6-8 weeks "before" the wedding day mark.

At you won't find invitations that are duplicates of any other out there. I personally create, design or hand draw motifs that make a unique invitation that is all your own!
Spring Love is in the air! (and so are TheMerryBird Designs!)
Kristine Sheehan,

Monday, March 01, 2010

What’s Influencing Your Design Style?

Do you have a design style?
If yes, what is it? Are you simplistic, experimental, surreal, rational or perhaps radical? How can you identify it?

First: Take a step back in time. There are many art movements in history that influence the designs of today. The most common recognized genres can give many thoughts a twist about what style you and your work portray. Whether you like it or not, most, if not all designs have a trait of a former time or era.

For example, Wikipedia identifies Avant-garde art as “art that is pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm”. Or International Style (Bauhaus), a style of art that is simple, rational and functional. There is Surrealism, Dada, Modernism, Rococo, Pop Art, Cubism etc. All the “ism’s” that influence the style and designs we create.

Second: Consider the Technical Era (today). How NOT normal to the classic artist is the computer? For example Graphic designers of today quickly adapted to the ease of utilizing the computer for design. Who would go back to manual layouts, whiteout and blue pencils when you can have automatic sizing, perfection in layout, auto coloring features and finally, a file to output for print or web view. Hence, we can see the progression of a design production not necessarily design itself.

Ahh, the key to design, is the very meaning of Avant-garde. Artists of today can push their style out of bounds. With technology, there is such a broad range of possibilities for design. But the word artist comes into play here. If you are technically inclined but not an artist, then designing on a computer is made easy, but if you are an artist that is technically gifted you can fly out of the box with endless possibilities.

Third: Realize the ease of communication called Social Media. Social Media is really key in generating new ideas. Not in any other time has it been this easy to connect to people to share, inspire and create. Keeping up with what’s going on in today society is another influence on your design style. Keep in mind that what people are listening to, what people are watching, and how people react to it all is a classic way to generate a design idea that will compel observers to notice a strong design style, one that may just be your own.

What influences your design style? Share your thoughts and leave a comment, you may just inspire someone else too!

Kristine Sheehan Designs