Thursday, October 15, 2009

Festive times approach!

Even though today's slower economy keeps many peoples spending at bay, local festivals are still active. I consider festivals the best place to shop and find an interesting gift!

Recently working at the Plasko Farm Festival, CT (Oct. 12th to be exact )- in my cozy tent, (of course!) the farm fresh air set the mood for pumpkin picking and corn maze walking. Many vendors set up and were eager to sell their wares to the many families that ploughed through the trail. Families seemed just as eager to take part in the 25-30 vendor event.

Smaller venues are not a bad idea when the economy holds products hostage for the season. Exposure for business is great and word of mouth - "that old fashioned grass root marketing" helps!

This season TheMerryBird was able to create an addition to its product line and display holiday tags in new wall pouches which make it easier for customers to view and choose the right tag. Two walls, soon to be three and four!

It's only $7.50 for an 8 pack of gift tags! These high quality, sturdy, gloss stock of Gift tags can be placed not only on boxed items but tied around bags of cookies, wine bottles, written with a special note can be hung as an ornament for the tree, or kept as a momento from that special gift giver. I like to let my customers know that CUSTOM images can be illustrated, created or printed exclusively for them if they wish!

As Festive Times Approach - remember to recognize that holiday spirit and love is in the air.

Let the festivities begin!