Thursday, April 03, 2014

5 Tips for Creating an Ingenious Presentation

Wheeewww! it's been a while! And I thought while my mind was helping my children with childhood projects and presentations  I would fly in to blog about tips to keep your presentation top notch!

Years ago, as a  graphic book cover artist I would never forget to "present" my work in its best form, clean, concise boards on easels and a flawless speech about my ideas. Here are some tips I remind myself of each time a presentation is needed at work or for a freelance client.  These tips hold true for a professional as well as a student presentation:


Can everyone read the presentation board you created from 4-5 ft away? or from a seat in the back row? TEXT must be BIG enough to read from afar.


Being simple is best.  Don't use too many words or have too much to read. When presentation boards are simple, those reading them or viewing them can easily remember points about the presentation or see images in their mind when they walk away.


Color, Font Size and Font style all come into play so think before you choose a "script font" in "red" printed on a blue background... the audience will get a headache!


Have a goal in mind for your presentation. Do you want to engage? educate? make a joke? or be serious? or inform your audience?


The more you practice the less you have to read from your info/prompt cards!

If you use these five tips your presentation will be off to a great start! You will have confidence and will prove you know your stuff! So fill in the blanks and practice, practice, practice!