Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beyond a Digital Economy

So I built it in 2006 and I'm wondering when they will come! Blog, website, press, yada yada yada. Page views  are there but I want to learn how to claim more space and business on the net. Another words get under a viewers skin. (A Light Bulb Moment!) But the question is how? And do I really want to do that?

Design. Design on the web today goes beyond the way something "appears". It moves web viewers into an "Experience". A design will evoke a desire in a viewer to share, buy, need and want to come back again. So as a traditionally trained designer, I  lost my natural inclinations or intuitions years ago, to follow a format that was accepted as a lure for online business. Kind of stiff, understandable and tightly professional for those Non-designer types to understand. 

The web and how it is perceived  has changed over the years. People now NEED the web for multiple things. Shopping, banking, searching for information, communicating, and having fun. A world within a world, one that cannot always be stiff. The internet and it's design has made life easier, better in some ways.

As I come to grips with changes I must make to create this "Experience" of a website and business, I have to reach BEYOND what I know, losen up the perception of my online viewers.  

I guess going BEYOND that would be called exceptional Creativity. Write creatively, create images creatively, photograph creatively and think globally with social media. With the rapid progression of technology and the changes that are occuring so quickly I feel as though I learn something today only to find I'm a step behind. In a blink a new muse has arrived on the scene again. 

Anyway online business people look at it, to win in a digital economy you have to be the marketer, social media expert, advertiser, smoozer and creative creator/director. I liked it when all I had to do is design and image to make a smile and a sale.

I like this excerpt from "How to Win in a Digital Economy by Jeff Bullas

To Win in a Digital Economy

  • Build, optimize and maintain your online assets
  • Market your online assets relentlessly, everywhere
  • Don’t ignore the growth of mobile
  • Optimize for search engines
  • Don’t underestimate the value of email
  • Create Multimedia “Liquid” content
  • Publish and promote your content on social networks

To create the winning "Experience" people NEED to see, hear and find on your business website, you must keep all lines of website development and optimization moving. 

Anyone...need a job?