Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pin up!

There are so many new and exciting ways to advertise, market and push your business on the web.

By now you've heard of Pinterest. Yes, please Pin away! Know that "an individual Facebook user is valued at more than $100 and that it takes nearly 8,900 tweets to earn a company $10 - while just 20 pinned items on Pinterest will yield the same amount". -- Website Magazine June 2012

I learned some creative ways to utilize Pinterest for marketing and advertising:

Pin your YouTube videos! That's right, sell your product, service or image via YouTube. Make a video/ commercial and Post. Easily, your video can go VIRAL and open doors for your business!
(TheMerryBird Designs can assist you there if you need!)

Create an Events Pinboard and post upcoming events. That will entice onlooker to want to take part!

Pin your favorite "Cause" to build funds and work with your cause by donating a portion of your sales!

The main idea is get creative on how to communicate on the vast and ever growing web! Attention is key!

Kristine Sheehan Designs

Sunday, June 03, 2012

2012 Plugins for WP

Authors, Designers, How often do you blog?

I wonder how often to blog. Too much drives readers away, too little makes them forget. I was told to think quality over quantity. Good advice, as if there is quality, then people will find you again and again. With a blast of infomania online, bloggers have to trust their instincts and choose wisely about what to write and publish. Try out wordpress with the suggested plugins to enhance the quality over quantity tactic – blast, share, touch and digg!  Oh my!

And don't forget to check out what author A. Allen has to say about blogging slowly! (June 3)

Hi Ho Hi Ho! Boy has Snow-White has changed since I was a girl! Oh my!

Ok, so now that I’ve dated myself I will engage in the positivity of new WP plugin's for blogging.

I found that wordpress has some awesome 2012 plugins that everyone should check out and try to utilize. (although I can’t speak from experience yet, I have a good feeling about my source!)

I like these top 4 Wordpress plugin recommendations from Leo Widrich:

1.       Share Share and do some Digg Digg!  Digging! ( According to my source this plugin alone increases social sharing by up to 7 times! Gotto get this one!
2.       Go Mobile with WP Touch ( apply a theme today! Easily advertise to your mobile traffic
3.       Let’s go All in One SEO pack! (
4.       Display All you got with Social Media Widget ( Show off all your social media profiles on one sidebar!

I’m off to apply these to my wordpress!