Thursday, July 07, 2011

"Spiel" it Out to Make a Book Sale!

Authors were born to write not sell. I can relate, I'm a designer that was born to design. But if we want recognition, profit or fame we have to SELL our product or service. But how? You need a spiel.

A spiel is that catchy business tactic that your target market depends on to find you . For any author that is self publishing you know that Readers WILL buy books. All that the consuming reader needs is the place to find the topic they seek.

No matter if the subject is "in"style or not, know the genre of your book and have it placed in the correct category. That will ensure it to be placed where the reader can easily find the topic they seek on a store shelf or online search. (Don't forget to add the all important online search tags!)

Did you know that "40% of a book sales spiel depends on the title and cover design" of your work. Of course! Readers judge a book by it's cover! The title tells a secret while the design gives the potential reader a visual of it. That's a good reason to know a photoshop professional to design a cover for your work.

The back cover blurb is also a big part of the sales spiel. Once the reader is attracted to the book they usually pick it up and read the blurb on the back. See? It all begins with a tasty appetizer of what the book tale is about, the reader wants to read more and buys the book! Or....

Online interactive samples are another terrific way to "spiel" it out. By releasing One or two chapters of your work for free, a potential customer can click and read while being hooked into making the final move, a sale.

Like I said, "Spiel it Out to Make a Book Sale!

Kristine Sheehan Designs