Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

After dealing with some serious health issues I'm back to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year always rolls around so quickly that I have to remind myself there are only 33 days left to shop for Christmas... Holy cow! (or should I say Bull to my local readers?? poor thing!)

I have been tracking many authors hoping to catch them thinking about book cover design or to interview them about a latest novel they've written - It's so exciting to watch budding authors or master author works show up on the Amazon best seller list or find out a movie is in the making.  Thinking about movies, how many of you can't wait to see Catching Fire, Hunger Games? or better yet The Book Thief? I'm looking forward to both!

As the end of the year approaches I reflect on the awful status of our economy, the mickey mouse government and the nuclear option...well before I get blown to bits let me make you aware I am thankful for health, family, and friends and of course my readers! I'm researching other avenues to write about here and hope to post helpful, informative or friendly graphic, publishing or artistic idea's this coming year..... it can only get better! See you soon!

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