Thursday, December 05, 2013

Think before you turn the other cheek!

So, I'm conversing with my 10 year old son and he's told me to "kiss this!" ( as he points to his butt). I said "I beg your pardon? who taught you that one?" he replied "oh mom!.... The Grinch..." He evidently was joking.

I took a moment and thought how bizarre my mind was working at that moment. The thought I had in my head wasn't a pleasant one but when I realized his statement came from the movie The Grinch, I bowed my head and released my breath.  What is society really thinking out there? If scenes of a movie have so much control over our minds do we have to accept it? ignore it? don't watch it? forget about it?

It's amazing how words conjure up emotions that in turn conjure up reactions. I guess The Grinch won in that conversation I had with my son and now I'd like to take a lesson. Images come from statements that stick. In today's online world of flashing images, colors, sounds and god knows what else, a serious business needs to take notes on how to reach an audience with a statement that sticks in their mind for more than a nano second. The Grinch's green coat isn't as scary as the thoughts he planted in my child's head - I like to come up with a positive "statement" for any business I work with that would capture it's respective audience without insulting anyone and yes stick.....or maybe, I should insult....people seem to be immune to this way of thinking and like it.

Our immunity to insulting behavior is due to all of the slang utilized in posts, articles, blogs, talks and movies. Society has become immune to hearing truth in words and images. The reflection is evident in our way of thinking that it's ok to accept insults and laugh about it.  Complacency is our worst enemy but as I learned I can't turn the other cheek when asked to "kiss this"!

- Kristine Sheehan

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